Frequently Asked Questions

New River Mulch
in the Greenville Area

New River Mulch has varied experience and a long history of working with diverse products and environments. Take a look at the images below for examples of how our products have been used in past projects and to gain inspiration for your upcoming projects.

Why should I use mulch?
  • Mulch has great moisture retention
  • Mulch can reduce your water use by up to 75%
  • Adds nutrients back to the soil as the mulch decomposes
  • When properly installed, mulch reduces weeds
  • Promotes healthy plant growth
  • Adds curb appeal to your property
  • Erosion control
How do you sell your materials?

New River Mulch sells all of our bulk materials by the cubic yard. This method is the most accurate for calculating how much material you need and ensuring you get what you pay for. We measure our material by the use of two different buckets for our loader. We have a ½ cubic yard bucket that is used for smaller quantities and most pick up trucks, and a 1 cubic yard bucket that is used for larger quantities and larger trucks and trailers. Not all buckets are the same size, so if you are looking at purchasing materials at another location, make sure you know the volume of the bucket being used. We ensure you that when material is purchased from New River Mulch, you always get what you are paying for.

How much mulch do I need?

Mulch should be installed to an average depth of 3 inches. In order to determine how much mulch you need, you must get a square footage of what you need to cover and figure out your average depth needed. Please use our mulch calculator below to determine your needs.

Do you offer delivery?

Yes, New River Mulch offers a professional and timely delivery service for your convenience. Most orders can be delivered within 24 hours of placing your order. For time sensitive deliveries, more notice may be required. We do charge a moderate delivery fee to help cover the cost of deliveries.

What do I need to be ready for a delivery?

Deliveries can be set up at our location or over the phone. We do prefer that someone is home at time of delivery, but with specific delivery instructions, we can deliver without anyone present. Most of our deliveries are dumped in a driveway or parking lot. We do recommend having a tarp ready if you are ordering a color enhanced mulch. This will make clean up easier and prevent any unnecessary staining of your concrete surface.

If you request a delivery off of a paved surface, please note that this will be done at our driver’s discretion. If the ground is soft or wet, our driver will ask for an alternate spot for your delivery, so please be prepared.

Although we take great care during our deliveries, we enter your property at your request and risk, and New River Mulch will not be responsible for any possible damage to driveways, sidewalks, overhanging trees or other obstacles that may be present.

How can I pick up materials?

All material is available for pick up during regular business hour, no appointment necessary. We load materials with a skid steer loader, so we can only load into open trucks or trailers. We do not have the capabilities to load material in trucks with camper shells or enclosed trailers. We do ask that you make sure your truck or trailer is suitable for carrying loose materials. New River Mulch wants to ensure your safety as well as the safety of others during the transportation of materials.

Installation tips

Mulch is typically spread using common yard tools including a pitch fork, rake and a wheel barrow. If you do not have these tools, New River Mulch sells everything you need and tools can be picked up at our location or delivered with your delivery.

Color Enhanced mulch should not be spread if rain is expected within 24 hours. Mulch that has been dyed typically does not completely dry when stored in bulk piles, and needs a minimum of 24 hours to cure once spread. Irrigate before installing color enhanced mulch. The mulch will retain moisture in the soil once it is spread. Properly installed color enhanced mulch will retain its color for 12 months or longer.

If you prefer to have your materials installed, New River Mulch can provide you with a list of qualified contractors that will be happy to assist with all your needs.

Please contact our knowledgeable staff for any further questions.